Aquabags Certification Course




Become an Ultimateinstability specialist


We believe that specialists are needed to optimize the results of our training method. That's why we developed a specialized course for sports coaches and physical therapists. At this moment we're building an international network of certified Ultimateinstabilty specialists. Do you want to become a part of this network? Become an Aquabag certified instructor by doing our course and learn:


◦ What are the benefits of in-weight instability training

◦ How to use the Aquabags effectively

◦ What is the philosophy behind Ultimateinstability

◦ Why is training with variable weight so effective

◦ What are the basic exercises and how to regress and progress each exercise


After completing the 8 hour training you will be certified as an Ultimateinstability specialist.


This is the official AQUABAGS certification course. 


This certification course is the prerequisite for certified Aquabag usage in Fitness, Personal and Group trainings. Also, it is the prerequisite for runningAquabags™ Group Training Program at your facilities.





Upcoming Aquabags Seminar - Sunday, May 20, 2018


aquabags cert

Date to be announced

(Nicosia) Aquabags Certification Course

Location to be announced

FEE: Early Registration €179, Later Registration  €229








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