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Aerosling™ Group Training


Suspension training has been around for over a decade, used in group programs by the biggest fitness centers around the globe. With the Aerosling group training, you take suspension training to a whole new level. Aerosling features a central pulley on the top, allowing not only to workout in static-basic movements, but to rotate and workout with dynamic movements and to exercise in couples, allowing hundreds of additional exercises and then some more.


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Aerosling Group Training Program has a duration from 45 to 60 minutes and breaks down to the following 3 stages:


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Stage 1: Static Movements (15-20 mins)


Start the Aerosling group training program with static movements with low intensity for warmup, followed by pushing, pulling, squating and more challenging exercises, ALL STATIC.


Static Movements are the most common exercises and can be done with static Suspension Trainers (without a pulley) or with dynamic Suspension Trainers (with pulley). These exercises are ideal for beginners and offer a great range of exercises for all body parts and demand a heightened amount of coordination and balance.




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Stage 2: Dynamic Movements (15-20 mins)


Continue with Dynamic Movements with medium to high intensity, like pushing/pulling and rotating, engaging your core and generating more muscle activation/coordination, ALL DYNAMIC.


Dynamic Movements can be done with Dynamic Suspension Trainers ONLY (with a pulley). Dynamic suspension trainers have a central pulley and offer an even greater range of exercises. Additionally, the increased instability makes every movement more challenging and the workouts more effective. 

The main rope can run over the pulley and create alternating movements, e.g., train the right and the left arm independently from each other. The number of exercises is almost infinite.



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Stage 3: Exercise in Couples (15-20 mins)


Finish the workout by using the aerosling with a partner. Grab a handle each and start exercising together by using manual resistance (use each others strength) with a variety of excercises from dynamic rotations, chest presses, back rows and a lot more, ALL IN COUPLES. Finish the workout with a 5 min cool down and stretching/SMR.


Exercising in couples is the last and most fun part of the Aerosling Group Training Program. Pick a parntner and use each other as the resistance. Challenging, fun and effective as hell, this will change the way you see group training programs forever!





Running the Aerosling Group Training program at your facilities requires the following:

A) The use of Genuine Aerosling products only

B) The trainer of the course must be certified as an Aerosling certified Instructor.


For more information about bringing AEROSLING GROUP TRAINING at your facilities contact us

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