On this first mini episode of Train like a Rockstar, we are hosting Mariota Angelopoulou, a professional volleyball player from Greece. Mariota experiences how effective a sports specific volleyball workout is.

When we asked Mariota to tell us a what she thinks of this workout. Her answer was: "Μακάρι να το κάναμε πιο συχνά" ("I wish we could do it more often").


On this second episode of Train like a Rockstar we are hosting Anna Cortesi, a clinical dietitian and nutritionist. Anna gives us pre-workout, during-workout and post-workout nutrition tips and gives a try to a quick workout, suitable for everyone.

We loved Anna's nutritional tips and Anna fell in love with every single product used for the workout! For more info about Anna Cortesi visit: www.annacortesi.com


On this episode of Train like a Rockstar, we are hosting Sophia Theologou, a professional basketball player from Cyprus. Sophia is a former Panathinaikos power forward and gives a try to an effective sports specific basketball workout, proving that she is ready for the next big step on her career!

At the end of the workout she told us that she wishes to do that on a daily basis because it will definitely maximize her performance!


On this episode of Train like a Rockstar, we are hosting Stephanos Charalambous, a Beach Tennis player from Cyprus (world ranking 346th). Stephanos is also the co-founder of Nicosia Beach Tennis club and he gives a try to an extremely effective, sports specific Beach Tennis workout. Beach Tennis is rapidly evolving in Cyprus and we love it!

By the end of the workout, Stefanos was thrilled about its effectiveness and told us that he will make sure that every athlete at Nicosia Beach Tennis club will be training like that!


On this 5th episode of Train like a Rockstar, we are hosting Anna, Yulia, Nadezda and Katia, professional pole fitness instructors! Pole fitness requires a strong core, muscle coordination and endurance while being able to lift your body and control every movement. Check it out!